Friends Who Inspire

I’ve found card making is really a wonderful outlet for me. It allows me to not think about other things, like work or sadness over loss. It’s therapeutic for me but I don’t think it is cheaper than therapy as I seem to be spending all of my money on supplies. I’ve also got a stash of well over 100 cards. I might be good a creating them, but I am terrible at sending them. I did manage to send a dozen to a nursing home and I sent some to a sweet friend who is always picking me up with cards of her own.

So as I was looking through them I thought about how many of them remind me of various friends. I thought I would share some of the cards and tell you why that friend inspired that card.

This pop-up card reminds me of my friend Starla. She seems to radiate positive vibes all the time and this turned out to be such a happy card that it just really makes me think of her every time I look at it.

This card with the high heeled shoe is definitely a nod to my friend Heather. I don’t think I have ever seen her in anything but heels. I often wonder if she has slippers at home that have heels and fuzzy feathers like the ladies did back in the 50’s. She’s all about her shoes (and purses) so the whole time I was making this card I was thinking about her.

undefinedThis Northern Lights card turned out much better than expected. Although I wasn’t thinking of her at the time, when it was completed I immediately thought of my friend Cindy. She is truly creative with crafts herself and I’m usually in awe of what she does, like being in awe of the Northern Lights. I also have a fun birthday card for her, but I can’t post it until I give it to her on Monday (Nov. 11th).

undefinedIf you know me, then you know I love snowmen. I keep them out year round at my house. My friend Tina knows this and has gifted me several snowmen over the years. So when this card was completed it immediately set my mind to thinking of her and how we both love snowmen.

My friend Sandy is a beautiful soul with strong faith. She always makes me smile and gave me a really precious gift when I got my degree. She brings pure joy to my heart, so this one is definitely her.

undefinedSusie is the friend I mentioned in the opening who always picks me up with her own cards. I sent her a few so she could replenish her stash. She’s really thoughtful and although I might not see or talk to her everyday, I know she is right there for me if needed. The sentiment here speaks to that.

undefinedThis one has Natalia written all over it. Never one to “go with the flow” this card reminds us to be who we are, no apologies. That is how Natalia is. She will do what she needs too, whether anyone else agrees with her or not. When people say things like “you do you” they are talking about folks like Natalia, who are brave enough to be their true self, all the time.

I have many more cards that remind me of other friends, but I thought this post was getting too long. I do have one more that I have to share. This is for my friend, Tami. Probably the person I have relied on the most since Andrew died. She’s been an absolute rock and let’s me do whatever it is I need too, whether it is crying, screaming, complaining, laughing, or just incessantly talking. She consistently checks on me and makes me get out of the house every so often, either for a movie or Swarm games or even the occasional bingo night at Lips Atlanta. She’s also the biggest Braves fan I know (maybe even more than Matt) and truly one of the coolest chicks I know. Here’s to you Tami!

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Mother of two fine men, one with feet and one with wings. I love my Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, making cards, scrapbook pages, and other fun crafts!

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