One Background – Four Different Looks

I was inspired to make a background using alcohol inks. I gathered my supplies and sat down to begin. I carefully squirted the blending solution on the paper, then added my colors, then blew the colors around with a straw. It became crystal clear to me at that point that I am not an artist. Some people can paint while holding brushes in their teeth, feet, or even fingers. But me, I couldn’t even abstract paint with a straw. It was an epic fail, but I will show you two cards I did manage to make in spite of the fail.

But on to the topic at hand. I found this really cool paper in my stash when I was looking for something else. It is purple with pink and blue mixed in – much like I wanted my alcohol inks to look, but didn’t. So I decided to use that background on four different cards. I made five cards in total (I made two of the mother’s day cards. On three of them I used the paper as the background.

Then for the fourth one I die cut the “hello” from the paper and used it as the sentiment on the card. Now, this card also features the failed background of my alcohol ink. In fact, thinking about it now, it was like I was drinking the alcohol instead of trying to ink with it. Anyway, that card is below along with another Mother’s Day card featuring the only portion of alcohol ink I liked. It’s the part inside the star. I need to go watch more videos to get better ideas on how to do it. Sigh. Enjoy!

Published by The Cheeky Crafter

Mother of two fine men, one with feet and one with wings. I love my Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, making cards, scrapbook pages, and other fun crafts!

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