Opening Day

Thanks Coronavirus! We had to cut every other sport short, kids are out of school – even being sent home from college, and wherever possible folks are working from home as new shelter in place orders are issued county by county. Yes, these are unprecedented times and yes we are making history, but now you’ve stolen baseball’s Opening Day.

My love of baseball is long-standing. I’ve been in a relationship with the Atlanta Braves since the 70’s. While many know Freddie Freeman and Chipper Jones, I know them and, in addition, I know Bob Horner, Dale Murphy, Biff Pocoroba, Chris Chambliss, even Chief Nocahoma. And of course, I know Hank Aaron. I was even at the games when he hit 714 and 715. As a Braves fan, I’m no stranger to disappointment, but they are still MY team and I want to see them play. They’ve even been called America’s Team.

Then I had two sons, and they loved baseball too, Matt more than Andrew. I’m not sure I can properly explain the depths of Matt’s love of baseball. It’s definitely greater than mine and he knows so many players and their stats. He has opinions on everything baseball related and most of them are really good. He’s now a certified scout and I can’t wait to see where that takes him.

Then I met my friend, Tami. To say she is a fan of the Braves is like saying the Mona Lisa is just a painting or Shakespeare was just a writer. She’s a MEGA fan. I’m pretty sure she has every available item with some sort of Braves or at least baseball logo on it. From the key chain to the license plate, jewelry to clothing, and her phone case to home decor, she’s a die hard fan. I have many friends disappointed by the postponement of baseball season, but between Matt and Tami, I worry if they will survive. It’s really their lifeblood and if we don’t get some baseball soon they might need a transfusion.

Tami was also the friend that checked on me constantly and consistently after Andrew died. She’s one of my most favorite people on the planet. So naturally, I had to make her some more t-shirts for the season, regardless of when it actually starts. The pictures of the shirts are below and just for fun, I also added some of Matt and Andrew’s early years playing baseball. The glow around the t-shirts that have white is the shine from all the glitter. Tami also loves sparkle. Enjoy!

Published by The Cheeky Crafter

Mother of two fine men, one with feet and one with wings. I love my Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, making cards, scrapbook pages, and other fun crafts!

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