Quarantine Coloring & Cards

As the shelter in place order becomes more and more official throughout all of Georgia, I am entering my 3rd week of being home alone. I’m not sick, nor have I been exposed, I just live alone and have nowhere to go, so I thought it best to stay put and not get out at all. I haven’t bought gas in over a month. I haven’t worn makeup in weeks and I have all clean clothes except for this pair of pajamas that seems to have become my uniform for every day. My sleep pattern has become so irregular that I have watched the full series of both The Golden Girls and Frasier since Hallmark airs multiple episodes every night.

In between all the panic news reports and tales of toilet paper troubles, I’ve amassed quite the card collection. I have over 600 cards now. I need somewhere for them to go. I’ve sent some, given some away, sold some, and still they continue to multiply. If we don’t come out of this pandemic soon, I might emerge as the new Hallmark.

I’ve taken to coloring the images for cards, hoping it would slow the production, but as with all my endeavours related to crafts, it has become an obsession. Here are some pictures of my most recent creations. Enjoy (and let me know if you’d like any of them)!

Published by The Cheeky Crafter

Mother of two fine men, one with feet and one with wings. I love my Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, making cards, scrapbook pages, and other fun crafts!

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