Friends Who Inspire

I’ve found card making is really a wonderful outlet for me. It allows me to not think about other things, like work or sadness over loss. It’s therapeutic for me but I don’t think it is cheaper than therapy as I seem to be spending all of my money on supplies. I’ve also got a stash of well over 100 cards. I might be good a creating them, but I am terrible at sending them. I did manage to send a dozen to a nursing home and I sent some to a sweet friend who is always picking me up with cards of her own.

So as I was looking through them I thought about how many of them remind me of various friends. I thought I would share some of the cards and tell you why that friend inspired that card.

This pop-up card reminds me of my friend Starla. She seems to radiate positive vibes all the time and this turned out to be such a happy card that it just really makes me think of her every time I look at it.

This card with the high heeled shoe is definitely a nod to my friend Heather. I don’t think I have ever seen her in anything but heels. I often wonder if she has slippers at home that have heels and fuzzy feathers like the ladies did back in the 50’s. She’s all about her shoes (and purses) so the whole time I was making this card I was thinking about her.

undefinedThis Northern Lights card turned out much better than expected. Although I wasn’t thinking of her at the time, when it was completed I immediately thought of my friend Cindy. She is truly creative with crafts herself and I’m usually in awe of what she does, like being in awe of the Northern Lights. I also have a fun birthday card for her, but I can’t post it until I give it to her on Monday (Nov. 11th).

undefinedIf you know me, then you know I love snowmen. I keep them out year round at my house. My friend Tina knows this and has gifted me several snowmen over the years. So when this card was completed it immediately set my mind to thinking of her and how we both love snowmen.

My friend Sandy is a beautiful soul with strong faith. She always makes me smile and gave me a really precious gift when I got my degree. She brings pure joy to my heart, so this one is definitely her.

undefinedSusie is the friend I mentioned in the opening who always picks me up with her own cards. I sent her a few so she could replenish her stash. She’s really thoughtful and although I might not see or talk to her everyday, I know she is right there for me if needed. The sentiment here speaks to that.

undefinedThis one has Natalia written all over it. Never one to “go with the flow” this card reminds us to be who we are, no apologies. That is how Natalia is. She will do what she needs too, whether anyone else agrees with her or not. When people say things like “you do you” they are talking about folks like Natalia, who are brave enough to be their true self, all the time.

I have many more cards that remind me of other friends, but I thought this post was getting too long. I do have one more that I have to share. This is for my friend, Tami. Probably the person I have relied on the most since Andrew died. She’s been an absolute rock and let’s me do whatever it is I need too, whether it is crying, screaming, complaining, laughing, or just incessantly talking. She consistently checks on me and makes me get out of the house every so often, either for a movie or Swarm games or even the occasional bingo night at Lips Atlanta. She’s also the biggest Braves fan I know (maybe even more than Matt) and truly one of the coolest chicks I know. Here’s to you Tami!

Paper Flowers

I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Turns out I have an inner ear infection which has caused some vertigo. This made it harder to do the crafting I love, so I’ve not done much lately. I did go through some stuff and purged, also known as destashing, a lot of embellishments. I put them up for sale online but haven’t had any real interest. Guess there is a reason I don’t want them, because apparently no one else does either.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the template for paper flowers from Jennifer Maker and Cricut. I’ve always been intrigued by them, so thought I would give it a try. It didn’t turn out as great as others I have seen, so I obviously need more practice, but here is my first attempt at a rose, carnation, daisy and tulip. Try not to laugh too hard at the tulip, it was actually the first one I did and clearly I had no idea what I was doing.

In Loving Memory

For those who don’t know, my son Andrew was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2016. I think about him everyday, as I imagine any mother who has lost a child has. Also, like any mother who has lost child, I love recalling the memories and telling stories, despite any heartache it brings. The heartache always comes, no matter the circumstance. I happened upon a collection from Simple Stories that included some lovely paper and sentiments for those who have passed. I had some pictures from where my brother, Chris, planted a tree in Andrew’s memory in his garden. Some of Andrew’s ashes were planted with the tree and it stands next to the tree Chris planted for our mother 8 years earlier. I also have pictures of the various stages of the cross Andrew’s friends placed at the accident site along with some special gifts I received. Then two of the biggest honors, first, Andrew was a donor and so he was honored by Life Link with his name on the 2016 giving tree. Then secondly, 18 of his friends from the hospital pledged donations to have the Trauma Room (at the hospital where we work) dedicated in his memory. This was a huge honor and one for which I will never be able to fully express my thanks.

So I used the pack of paper from Simple Stories to scrapbook those memories. Then with the leftovers I was able to create some cards, which I think turned out really nicely. Enjoy!

Christmas Card Class

This weekend was World Card Making Day. Actually it was Saturday and I made a few cards that day while I was at a crop. On Sunday, I took a class that was called Kringle and was about the cards you can make with PhotoPlay’s Kringle card kit. Pictured are the cards I made, which I love, plus I have a lot of leftover paper so I will be making more soon. Enjoy!


Today marks the end of the regular season for major league baseball. Having already conquered the East, the Braves will hopefully win it all this year! If you know me, then you also know my son, Matt. And of course if you know Matt then you know he loves baseball. Yes, he loves the Atlanta Braves and he was just 5 when we celebrated the World Series win and watched the parade in 1995. But even beyond the Braves, Matt loves everything about the game of baseball. It’s more than just the first pitch to the last out, the work behind the scenes to make that all come together can often be overwhelming. Think of all the different people involved in a single game…ticket sellers, ticket takers, the drumline, concession workers, ushers, vendors, camera operators, cheerleaders, sportscasters, customer service, first aid, etc., and I haven’t even mentioned the folks in the front office or on the actual team. Matt just completed a certificate program for Scouting and is already working part-time with Perfect Game. I am so proud of him and love watching him take steps to fulfill his dreams. So, in honor of Matt’s program completion and the end of the regular season, I made this spinner card. When you open it, it spins. I’ve also included some scrapbook pages and photos of us over the years that are baseball related. So congratulations Matt, and let’s go Braves! Chop on!


Sadly, kindness is not a word I would use to describe myself. I want to be a kind person, but I am just not. It’s not that I am intentionally mean, I just lack whatever makes someone warm and fuzzy. I’m more of a straight shooter, no b.s. kind of girl. Anyway, since I am well aware that I lack the kindness gene, I thought I would attempt to create some cards that had positive, warm and fuzzy sentiments on them. I especially like this first one. The outside says Focus on what matters and then the inside opens to a mirror…because you matter.

Then I had this butterfly that I had colored, so whipped out this card too.

And then naturally, one more to remind me of my goal here. Enjoy!

College Crafts

Who doesn’t love college football season? My older brother went to Georgia Tech and my younger brother to Auburn, so I was well conditioned to NEVER cheer for the UGA Bulldogs (better known as the Dawgs). And for as long as I can remember, I never have cheered for them, well maybe once for the Lady Gym Dawgs, but never during a college football game. That said, they are, without a doubt, the most popular team in the state, therefore most all of our friends are Bulldog fans.

So when my friend, Tina, found out her son would be going to UGA this fall (2019), I knew more “Go Dawgs!” was in my future. I’ve made my brothers proud by turning a deaf ear to that noise, but then Cole (Tina’s son) was selected to be the “S” in the paint line. He’s part of a Christian organization on campus and they run the paint line (@UGAPaintLine). How could I not celebrate that? It’s such a cool thing!

Now, as you all know, I’m pretty sure my love language is crafty gifts. So I saw something I thought I would interpret into my own version of a craft gift for Tina, in honor of Cole’s enrollment in both the school and the paint line. Now keep in mind, I have been conditioned to love the GT Yellowjackets. At no time was it ever acceptable to own or wear anything UGA related. As I made this, I was certain I was going to be struck by lightning. Obviously that didn’t happen but by posting this, I might be shunned by my brothers, even though we are not Amish. It was surprising to me that I even had the available colors to make it, but then again, I do love the Atlanta Falcons, and they share the same colors.

Anyway, here is the sign I made for the Chapmans (a.k.a. the Chappys), along with some great photos of Tina, her husband Bobby, and Cole (a.k.a. “S”). I made this applying the vinyl on a 12 x 24 ceramic tile.

And in a well deserved shout out to the Dawgs, they did a super classy thing when they went pink against the Arkansas State team as the their head coach had just lost his wife to breast cancer. Well done UGA, well done!

I shall now return to my support of GT and Auburn. Thank you for listening!

Mess to Success

Sometimes I think of my ideas, sometimes I am inspired by things I see others doing, and sometimes I straight up want to steal an idea. So was my plan with a video I saw where a crafter took the embossing folder and inked it and then did the embossing. I had everything I needed and ready to go…then, as I applied the ink, I realized I was over zealous and put way too much ink on there. So that was a no go. Instead I took the ink and a little sponge I had and dabbed it on to another sheet of paper. Once that was dry then I ran it through the embossing and decorated. Here are the results, two lovely cards. Making that mess a success!

Using Scraps

There have been a lot of changes at my office (the real job). We just merged with another, much larger company, and just like an arranged marriage, no one is in love. And like any marriage, the blending of two people’s “stuff” means someone is losing a lounge chair. Today we lost my boss. It was shocking and quick and very upsetting. So tonight I took solace in my cards and made some inspirational ones. Made four with coordinating papers and then a fifth using the scraps, showing that everyone has something to offer and nothing is wasted. Enjoy!